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Lily Lane’s face-sitting fantasy

Tattooed goddess Lily Lane was known for her intense love of ass worship. To her, there was nothing more satisfying than having a man at her feet, worshipping her voluptuous backside. But there was one thing she loved even more – sitting on her man’s face and using him as a piece of furniture!

And that’s exactly what she did, as she straddled his head and bounced up and down on his face with reckless abandon. With every movement, she cackled with delight, knowing the power she held over him. “Don’t you just love watching that ass bounce up and down?” She taunted him, enjoying the way he struggled for breath under her weight of that thick booty.

But it wasn’t just about the physical sensation for Lily. No, what truly gave her pleasure was the psychological control she had over her submissive partner. “Don’t you want to be under me?” She asked seductively, pressing her firm cheeks against his mouth and nose. “Right under that beautiful fucking pussy and that filthy little fucking asshole?” She moaned as she felt his struggles intensify beneath her.

She relished in his surrender, knowing that he would do anything to please her and bask in the warmth of her perfect ass. “Oh, fuck! Just breathing in my delicious scent.” She teased as she slowly rocked back and forth on his face, making sure he could fully inhale her intoxicating aroma.

But Lily wasn’t done yet. Not even close. With a wicked gleam in her eye, she continued to use him as a human seat, reveling in the power dynamic between them. “Isn’t he just so fucking lucky to sit here all day?” She mused aloud to you, caressing his face with her delicate hands before plopping herself back down on top of him. “Nice and fucking comfortable, my new fucking chair.” She chuckled at her own joke before continuing to grind on his face, her wet pussy and tight asshole rubbing against his lips and nose.

But she wasn’t satisfied with just having him as her seat. No, she wanted more – she wanted him to fully submit to her. “Sniffing and loving on those fucking holes!” She purred, gyrating her hips and grinding harder on his face. With each second that passed, she felt herself getting closer and closer to reaching the ultimate peak of pleasure.

And when she finally did cum, it was explosive. She let out a guttural moan as she rode his face, her juices flowing freely onto his mouth and nose. She collapsed onto him, panting heavily as she reveled in the blissful aftermath of her orgasm.

This was just another day in the life of Lily Lane – a bossy babe who lived for the thrill of control and domination. And for those like you, lucky enough to be under her spell, you would never want to leave the paradise of her face sitting. If you want to experience it for yourself, join Ass Devotion and indulge in all the deliciously filthy fantasies that Lily and her friends have to offer!